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VINYASA ♥ YIN ♥ MUSIC Weekend with Wade Gotwals (USA)

Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of October 2018

Please join us for a weekend filled with Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and (live) Music! As an internationally traveling yogi, Wade leads retreats, workshops and events around the globe and is known for his innovative approach and inspirational teachings. He creates a sense of community among his students through heart and humor and challenges them to explore their full potential during his uniquely sequenced Vinyasa classes. His style is structured and playful at the same time, offering options of openness, depth and strength so everyone will be appropriately challenged.

Workshop 1: Old School Beats

Friday October 5th from 19.00-21.00 h

Let’s celebrate by flowing to some Old School Beats that bring joy to the practice and a lil shake to the booty! Mix of 80’s and 90’s tunes that might inspire you to share your voice and do a little karaoke style- yoga flow. We are all energy and vibration, what is your signature beat?!

Workshop 2: Flow into Balance

Saturday October 6th from 14.30-17.30 h

As we move into fall, daylight and night move into equilibrium, giving us a perfect opportunity to find our own balance in this flow of life! This workshop will take us on a journey through a Vinyasa Flow focusing on incorporating these powerfully effective, balancing poses. Adding innovative transitions will lead us deeper into asana, challenge our balance, test our strength and give us kick ass super powers! When we approach the flow from this different perspective, concentrating on how the core, quads and upper body work together, we can move more skillfully and flow into balance!

Workshop 3: Yin Yoga, Mantra and Live Music

Sunday October 7th from 10.00 - 13.00 h

Spend your Sunday morning a little differently and give your body and mind a much deserved break from your busy life, hit the ‘refresh’ button! We will allow ourselves to settle into and feel the supported stretch of these restorative postures which will ease the tension that we hold in the body. As the body settles we can move into deeper breathing practices that will bring ease to the mind and energetic body. The vibration of music soothes the wildest of minds and as we chant some simple mantras this action will send our minds into a blissful retreat and a wonderful start to your Sunday.

About Wade:

Wade holds certifications in Thai and Intuitive massage, Touch for Health, and is an Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher via the Yoga Alliance. He has studied with master teachers in Asia, India and the U.S. and is always excited to share his new discoveries with his students. He weaves together a fluid, soul-connecting practice: intelligently sequencing fiery and dynamic rajasic asanas along with cooling and balanced satvic asanas.

Beyond the physical practice, he also infuses dharma, bhakti and meditation into class. His meditation and Advaita studies in India with Ramesh Balsekar and in the U.S with Dorje Kelsang have enhanced his intuitive nature and enriched him as a teacher. Seva is also an important part of his practice and he supports and works closely with a number of grassroot charities.

Ultimately, Wade is guided by the dharmic principles of Advaita or ‘oneness and non-separation’, which manifests in a subtle but powerful thread which connects everyone in spirit during his workshops and classes. He strives to find interesting ways to keep his students inspired, and his love for the practice continues to stay energized by the grateful receipt of his students’ good vibes!


05-10-2018 van 19.00 tot 21.00
06-10-2018 van 14.30 tot 5.30
07-10-2018 van 10.00 tot 13.00

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