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weekend workshop

Weekend Workshop Somatic Movement with Eric Cooper

with Eric Cooper

Fri 16th - Sun 18th of August

We are very honored to welcome Eric Cooper (USA) to our studio this summer. Join us for a weekend of exploring the body through Somatic Movement. All classes are limited to 16 students! This to guarantee Eric's teachings to be personal and adaptive.


Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of August 2024.


See price each session on the right.
Full weekend: €250 euro.


Deze workshop gaat door bij YOC Zuid.
De deuren openen 20 minuten voor aanvang van de workshop. 

Oudescheldestraat 16
9000 Gent

What You Need to Know So Stress Doesn't Take Over Your Life

Friday August 16th 18:30-20:30 h (€55)
Learn a gentle movement practice to bring you back to the calm you. Stress tensions run as deep habits. They run in the background and boil over as impatience, worry, anxiety, and even pull you into the sadness of depression. Learn how to turn those hidden tension down in a truly effective way, without stretching. Learn a simple practice that lets you be the person you like to be. 

Level: open to everyone, including complete beginners.


Where You're Stuck is Hidden

Saturday August 17th 14:00 - 17:00 h (€75)
If your sides are different, if your tightness and aches show up in an asymmetrical way, this class is for you.
What if your sides were supple and allowed you to feel at ease? Learn how to have your two sides in a more cooperative relationship.
Learn how to bridge the separation that hides where mind and body meet. Shift your perspective with gentle movements to feel more complete and unified.

Level: open to everyone, including beginners. It will also be engaging for people experienced in movement and Somatics.


Find Easy Breathing

Sunday August 18th 09:30 - 12:30 h (€75)
In this class we will explore the nature of breathing. Using simple movements, you will uncover and change the long-standing limitations and constrictions that have added up. Your nervous system has adapted around the where your breathing isn't easy. It can feel like you are running out of room to breathe. You will be surprised by this easy way to transform the limitations in to easy breathing.

Level: open to everyone, including complete beginners


The body as dynamic space

Sunday August 18th 14:00 - 17:00 h (€75) 

Can you feel more free? Even if you are an intermediate or advanced mover, there are places in your body that you are disconnected from. It's like an amnesia, you do not know where the mind and body are in dis-association.  Learn how to see the body as dynamic space. Get unstuck from hidden limitations, without stretching. Explore a method of lengthening without forcing.  It's gentle movement, it's slow and it will take you to a deep place. Know where you are stuck, and how to free yourself. It will include movement lines that you may have not considered.  This shift in perspective will deepen your Yoga practice.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Participation in an earlier class or a few youtube videos are a prerequisite.


About Eric Cooper

In 2010, after 50 years of stress and injury due to repetitive motion resulting in debilitating pain and depression, Eric Cooper began his quest for healing. In his educational journey, he studied many modalities that did not fully address his need, including therapeutic massage, myofascial manipulation, neuro-muscular compression, and osteo-articular osteopathic manipulation. In 2015 he found Somatics, and completed a three-year training in the most advanced hands-on program available, which turned out to be the missing link in his quest. However, he found the coursework too formulaic, and not adaptive to individual needs. To Eric, it was apparent that traditional Somatics was an incomplete modality because most people do not cleanly fit into its “3 patterns of tension” system. Eric sought to recognize the relationship between tension and pain, and tension and posture, and he perceived that the nervous system is the root cause of the problem.

Over the course of many years, Eric developed Inspired Somatic Education, which teaches how to see what isn’t seen, to become aware of the places the body has disassociated and has lost its ability to move. Through the reconnection between brain and body, a more complete knowledge of the experience and nature of movement is achieved. With crescendos and dimiutions of effort, combining focused awareness into movements, it is possible to recalibrate the system’s knowledge of the body as dynamic space. As a result, the nervous system learns how to let go of the root of what boils over as discomfort and pain. This method incorporates internal perception and experience, and is above all gentle and intuitive. Profound results are possible, including relief from chronic pain, increased mobility, emotional healing, and the rediscovery of hope and vitality. The strength of this system is its adaptability. With Inspired Somatics Education, people are empowered to heal themselves.

With his rich background, transformative personal journey, and commitment to evolving these teachings, Eric Cooper offers a compassionate and effective pathway to healing. His dedication to adapting and enriching the practice of Somatics ensures that it remains relevant and effective in addressing the complexities of the human body, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Eric offers workshops for those seeking in-depth understanding and practice, more than 200 video movement lessons on his YouTube channel, as well as individual zoom and in-person sessions.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunjm4HNXTUg9nsKyvsO6Dg

Website: https://inspiresomatics.com


All classes are limited to 16 students! This to guarantee Eric's teachings to be personal and adaptive.

You can book this weekend workshop in the following ways:

  • you book for the full weekend workshop and pay € 250.

  • You book one or more sessions and pay the price per session.

It is not possible to participate with your class card.

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The workshop will continue as of 10 participants. Please spread the word! If not enough participants, you will get a full refund.


Cancellation Policy:

Up to one month before the start date, the participant can cancel and will receive a frull refund minus an administrative fee of 10 euros. For cancellations up to 8 days before the start date, 50% of the total registration fee will be charged. No registration fee will be refunded for cancellations after that.